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i cant tell you how happy i am about the nav bar BUT I MUST TELL YOU if you want to make a nar go to the website under it
pivot 3 bata 01/18/2009

Is pivot 3 real yes new york it is!!! download pivot 3 free right here right now also tune in to EXream's (my youtube) pro tuts on pivot 2.5 and 3! Check it out!

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Post Title. 07/02/2008

Thanks to Youtube I can put a link to my website on my acount (Exream) this is making my site known alot more.


Post Title. 12/23/2007


Post Title. 12/12/2007

the pokemon crater website is gone!!!!!

you cant go on it again    T-T

Post Title. 12/07/2007

If your asking "I want more post titles" or "add this" or "add that" well you know what i say alot not this time comment this blog with what you want me to and ill try my best to do it if i dont ill thy something i can do like it ok

Post Title. 11/30/2007

HI i want people to comment the blogs if you need to. this is a go thing to have weebly giving us the blog i will post a lot of stuff


Ps.if the blog does not help:contact me on te contact us part of the site


Thank You For using the blog

from:dogsrule owener


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Post Title. 11/08/2007

the pokemoncrater is a fun kids site that has many fun things on it check it out now on the fun stuff link or click on pokemoncrater on the top of the blog

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